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Dân trí In times of economic recession, enterprises are facing many difficulties in production and business which cause all costs to be considered for maximum reduction to compete. Virtual office services are a viable option for cutting back.

Convenience at a virtual office for rent.
Although the office rental market has cooled down a lot compared to 2008, the price of Grade A and B offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has dropped by 30% since the beginning of the year but the market still looks good. The cost of renting office space is being considered by businesses to cut to the maximum.

In order to reduce the burden of the budget and still meet the demand for "magnificent", many small and medium enterprises or foreign enterprises set up representative offices in Vietnam are choosing solutions to hire virtual office. For only $ 50-120 per month, corporate signage will be available in the most modern and comfortable buildings..

Recently launched, virtual office virtualization services are growing rapidly thanks to the utility and cost effective businesses..

Ms. Dam Thanh Loan and two startup friends plan to open a travel consultancy office in Ho Chi Minh City. With modest human and financial resources, they have struggled for months and still can not find the office they want. Finally, when reading an article, she went to the virtual office and completely satisfied with what the service brought.

The virtual office is a very popular business model in the world and has evolved for a long time. However, this service is only known in Vietnam since 2007 but not really popular. There are a number of service operators operating in scale and are selected by many businesses are Regus, G-Office, Office Package.

With a one-tenth of the cost of office space, virtual office services help individuals and businesses reduce costs, labor costs, and more. Meeting facilities, reception services, high-speed internet or common lounge area…

And yet, when hiring a virtual office, businesses do not have to invest in office equipment but just put the logo and sign and get the services from the provider. In addition, virtual office locations are often located in downtown locations, making it convenient for transactions as well as for enhancing corporate branding and image..

Dinh Minh Chinh, director of Search World, said that for the majority of Search World customers, the company's employees usually deal in the partner's office. In 2007, the company received the first foreign guests to "do business" so they want to have a meeting at the office of the World Search.

Therefore, the World Search aims to open a more modern, luxurious office and more convenient location than the current headquarters in Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street (Ho Chi Minh City), but when found a pleasant place, the price. Rent too high, redesign inappropriate.

"The initial cost and monthly cost are too large, and the weight of the measure is not good enough. After a thorough investigation, we decided to rent a virtual office at the prime location, "Chinh added.

According to the statistics of the companies that make virtual office services difficult economic conditions are one of the reasons "lead" customers to find virtual office. In the first two months of 2009, these virtual office virtualization companies increased by 150% over 2008.

According to Trinh Duc Phu, Head of the Hanoi Office, every day his service is about 10 guests to ask. Huynh Quang Viet, Managing Director of G-Office (Incomnet), said: "The world economy will be difficult in 2009 and the virtual office is still considered as a cost reduction solution for joint ventures. industry.

Although orders are increasing, Mr. Viet also said: "For business conditions" in fact ", from March to June, G-Office has a 3-month free policy for all businesses To set up offices in Ho Chi Minh City, to provide free consultancy to importers and exporters wishing to set up offices in other countries in the world and free office space for press agencies wishing to set up representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City, To further popularize the concept of virtual office in Vietnam ".

Virtual office is a term not covered by the written regulations of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. However, the implementation of this type of service is completely consistent with the Enterprise Law and does not violate the law. With the current general economic situation, a virtual office will be an optimal choice for small and medium-sized companies to enter the market..

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