For rent ... address

With normal office rent, the tenant will use the space, space that he hired. As for the "virtual office" service, customers who rent this service do not actually use the office as usual. The basic point of this service is that the customer will be using the address of this office as the address used in business registration, opening bank account, printing address on business card, using contact address , receive mail, mail.

International Communication Network Joint Stock Company is one of the companies providing this service in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers using the services of this company will be used room address 606, Indochina Park Tower, No. 4 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City as the business registration address. Also located in this building is Smart Solutions Limited Company providing "virtual office" services and customers will be shared address room B305, B306..

The price of virtual office services is about 4 million VND per year. In addition, in addition to being used address, customers also make the nameplate placed on the general sign in the office; To be notified if any correspondence or letter is sent; used the common reception area of ​​the office.

With more advanced service packages, customers can use the meeting room; own a personal filing cabinet (about a desk) ... If customers want a separate workplace in this office, each seat is about 2.5 m2, 3 million / month. Even if there is no need to sit regularly, the customer can only rent this seat 40 hours per month for a fee of about 1 million....

Luật sư tư vấn pháp luật đất đai, nhà ở ?

Headquarters does not profile

After a period of virtual office leasing service, Taxation Department District 1, Ho Chi Minh City discovered hundreds of companies registered to operate under the same address as Room 606, Indochina Park Tower. on. Seeing the strange phenomenon, this department has checked and recorded this room has an area of ​​about 175 m2 by the International Communication Network Corporation hired from one individual and this company for about 420 other businesses rent. Calculated according to the usual office leasing, each company is less than half a square meter!

District 1 Taxation Department also noted that enterprises have business registration addresses here but do not have employees of enterprises in the "virtual office", only when meeting with customers or working with management agencies, the personnel new appearance.

Similarly, Smart Solutions Limited Company also leases nearly 50 businesses to "virtual offices" in rooms B305, B306. The First Company also leased ten virtual offices at 231-233 Le Thanh Ton Street....

In particular, due to the "virtual" nature of the service, businesses do not keep records of their businesses at the "headquarters". Meanwhile, under the provisions of the Enterprise Law, enterprises must keep business registration papers, accounting books and vouchers at the headquarter. District 1 Tax Department said that enterprises have "virtual office" all violated this regulation.


Regulatory requirements are required

The District Tax Department also fears that many individuals will take advantage of this model to set up businesses for the purpose of buying and selling bills. However, a tax manager said that if a business declared a different address whether "virtual" or "real" can still buy and sell invoices, tax evasion.

The Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City said that the enterprise itself is responsible for the truthfulness of the address when registering business, the Department can not check whether the address is true or not, how to work. In addition, the Department also has no reason to deny the license for businesses using the "virtual office" address, because the Enterprise Law does not specify a place, the maximum number of headquarters is set. industry.

However, the Department also expressed concern about the "virtual office" situation. This model has no regulation, while it can have a great impact on the business environment. Partners, consumers need to find business, how to find the "virtual office"? People with hair still do not know what to say, business "bald"!

Therefore, the Department of Planning and Investment also reported on the situation with the HCM City People's Committee and proposed TP to review and monitor the operation of enterprises have "virtual office." This review aims at assessing the compliance of the legal regulations of these enterprises. After evaluating the situation, there will be a proposal to the central government for the "virtual office" business type and enterprises to rent virtual office..

Source: Ho Chi Minh City Electronic Law Newspaper

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