Virtual office: Thinh time interpolation

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While the office rental market is still quiet, virtual office leasing services with certain facilities have attracted the attention of enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, Newly established companies and foreign companies are less present in the office.

The "outsourced"

"Virtual office" is also known as "office for rent 0m2". Virtual office services have been around the world for a long time, but in Vietnam this service is relatively new and only really needs and develops at the end of 2008, when the global economic crisis. spreading the world.



Currently, according to incomplete statistics, the country has about 30 companies specializing in this service, in which, enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City accounted for more than half. In the city, the company provides virtual office services, office packages are many companies selected as Regus, G-Office, iOffice, Incomnet, Office Package, NAC Real Estate ... In particular, Incomnet has nearly 600 clients, Regus has several hundred clients using the service, and NAC Real Estate has 3,500m2 for lease.

Virtual office services are judged to be very useful. Because, with virtual office solutions, it only takes a few minutes to set up a working office and more importantly, it saves businesses up to 85-90% of the cost. This office model has all the amenities needed for an office, such as a luxury meeting room, telephone, fax, reception and business address in the city center..

Businesses that rent offices can work anywhere without going to the company. Employees of the rental unit are responsible for the phone call, then transfer information to the company rent. For meetings, conferences, enterprises rent fully can use the services, meeting rooms. Even the demand for office rental packages is met. Real estate experts say that virtual office rents are the main reason that this service attracts many businesses, especially small or newly established ones. Many companies offering virtual office services offer attractive prices ranging from $ 50-70 per month or $ 179 per year and $ 200- $ 500 per month for office services..

This is an attractive price compared to real office rent. Compared with the cost of renting a "virtual office" in District 1 (over $ 1,000 per month plus equipment, staff, cleaning and sanitation costs) cheaper than many times. With this service, when the need to use seats, customers will pay the rent by the time of registration. This price is heavily dependent on services such as answering customer's partner in English, accounting tax report ...

William Willems, Regional Vice President of Regus Southeast Asia - Australia - New Zealand Regus, said: "Regus customer service will be reduced by up to 60% of the cost. That is because the DN only costs the actual place of work, and the general area is divided equally for all units that use Regus services at each ".

Virtual house, real value

At the seminar on tax administrative reform at the end of 2009, Le Dang Doanh, a senior economist, said that "virtual office" helps businesses reduce costs, access customer information anytime, anywhere and get a "face" courtesy professional. customer.

According to real estate companies, the "virtual office" model is more than just a real office. Because, not all businesses are capable of investing in modern equipment such as projectors, customer care systems, professional meeting rooms ... Meanwhile, all businesses do services Virtual office leasing is fully equipped with equipment to meet customer needs.

Nguyen Van Chi, a business representative of a German-based group, said his job was to communicate with customers and only when they needed to fax, e-mail ... he arrived at the company. "Just the need to rent an office, then have to work equipment, receptionist, security guard ... is really a waste," he said.

Cheap, convenient services brought the demand has increased sharply. Virtual office model thrives in the world. Although he started his business in Vietnam, William said: "With the development of communication, science and technology, people just use computers with internet and mobile phones. Dynamic is able to work anywhere.

However, businesses still need a professional business location with telephone support staff, mail, fax, and professional meeting room to meet clients. That's why the virtual office grows. "

According to John Nhat Nguyen, Managing Director of NAC Real Estate: "The low cost and full service of the service provider's caring service makes this service the best choice. In addition, the economy is still difficult, many businesses have to narrow business activities by reducing costs, reducing manpower ... virtual office solution is the most practical choice for them ".

In the face of rising demand, many virtual office leasing companies are stepping up their operations. Specifically, Regus has three centers in Vietnam with nearly 9,000m², reaching over 85% of capacity and is planning to open three more centers this year. NAC Real Estate is also planning to increase rental space in the buildings it manages... 




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